Le Prunerie: Our Menagerie

Across the lane from our property we have our small menagerie consisting of hens, goats, donkeys and a pony.

The 2 goats, Valdi and Mac were bottle reared and now think they are part of the family and have to be involved in anything interesting that is happening at the time!

The same is true of Destiny and Dream, the 2 friendly but sometimes shy donkeys. And not forgetting Carrie, our 21 year old highland pony.

All of our four-legged friends enjoy evening walks through the woods or vines and into the plum orchards with David and Tina. All of our guests at Le Prunierie who wish to join in on these lovely strolls in the beautiful and warm countryside are very welcome.

Carp Fishing Lake in France out menagerie

Pony dogs